Types of Signs & Where to Place Them for Your Home-based Business

Having your own business can be a dream come true for some folks, if it’s profitable. It means being your own boss and making your own decisions. It allows you to spend more time with family and friends. Along with word of mouth, vinyl banners can also help spread the word about your business.

It also means being able to travel and go on vacations without having to beg for time off. Home based businesses give folks a sense of independence and pride. It lets the world know that you can and have done it all on your own!

Signage is a form of communication can advertise your business. This communication is typically directed towards a particular group within a market. Many advertising companies take advantage of this form of promotion.

Advertising through signs is an excellent way of letting the world know what you are selling. Visual graphics are always a great way to scream a marketing message. Great graphics with a cool slogan can be a real conversation starter.

A sign to advertise your home based business can be placed in various locations. One place the sign can be positioned is on your mailbox. This can be an opportune area because mailboxes are obviously visible. It’s also visited daily by different mail carriers who may decide to inquire about your craft.

Placing a lovely elegant sign in the front yard of your home is another way to spread the word. Choose a catchy name for the business. A name that would make people more curious about what the business has to offer. On a pleasant day perhaps leave a basket of business cards under the sign for contact information.

Types of Signs

Remember different kinds of signs can be placed anywhere. Here are a few types of signs below:

a. vehicle graphics
b. window graphics
c. sidewalk signs
d. awnings
e. vinyl banners

Vehicle graphics are constantly moving here and there, wherever your vehicle goes the sign also goes. It is seen at virtually every stop sign, corner or parking lot. Vehicle signs can’t go wrong because it’s attached to the vehicle.

So there no worrying about the sign being against neighborhood rules. Or there’s no concern about it being stolen out of the yard. It’s a carefree, you can’t go wrong way to advertise just by riding through the city.

Window graphics are funky, trendy and attention getting. It displays the name of the business with class and sophiscation. The words on the window can be in whatever style is favored. Perhaps the owner would like the words in cursive. Or perhaps an authentic Latin style will be memorable.

Sideway and awnings can actually go hand in hand. A sidewalk sign can lead the customer straight to your door. Since sidewalk signs are placed directly in front of the business. The same goes for awnings.

Awnings can be seen for miles away, depending on how large they are and how colorful. Awnings have a certain kind of character. They kind of fit into a cute little 1950’s movie. They provide a small town feel while letting the world know that a thriving business is located here.

Not displaying an attractive sign can cause a business to lose customers. When people do not know that your business exist that causes you to lose money. Customers will simply go to whichever business is advertising.

To become a serious competitor in your craft advertising is necessary. Choose a distinct and unique way to setup your sign. Along with a flirty way to make passerbys look and become intrigued.

Sometimes it may not be words. Sometimes an image or two will do just fine. Discover your very own style and take off with it!