Stay Downtown

Need a place to stay? Here are some suggestions:

AA Heart of Wildwood Motels4002 Ocean AveVisit Website609-522-4090
Ala Moana Hotel5300 Atlantic AveVisit Website800-633-7666
Alton Motel235 E Wildwood AveVisit Website609-729-8600
Aquarius Motel4712 Ocean AveVisit Website800-982-1831
Arlington Motel325 E Magnolia Ave
Beach Motel231 E Lincoln Ave
Beach Terrace Motor Inn3400 Atlantic AveVisit Website609-522-8100
Binn's Motor Inn244 E Spicer AveVisit Website609-522-2251
Boardwalk Bungalow at Blue Palms3601 Atlantic AveVisit Website609-522-0606
Bolero Resort3310 Atlantic AveVisit Website609-522-6929
Bonito Motel236 E Spicer AveVisit Website609-522-7825
Brittany Motel3710 Atlantic AveVisit Website800-31-MOTEL
Calypso Boutique Hotel308 E Spicer Ave
Caprice Motel4200 Ocean AveVisit Website609-522-3845
Castaways Motel236 E Lincoln AveVisit Website609-522-1965
Charlie & Lou's Apts205 E Bennett AveVisit Website609-522-5787
Clarem Happy Days Inn312 E Garfield AveVisit Website609-523-8505
Clifton Hotel320 E Glenwood Ave
Corner Apts5310 Pacific Ave
Crescent Court Apts324 E 26th AveVisit Website609-729-0396
Crescent Winds Apts228 E Spencer Ave
Crystal Sands Motel307 E Hand AveVisit Website609-522-6374
Days Inn Suites4610 Ocean AveVisit Website609-522-0331
Daytona Motor Inn4010 Atlantic AveVisit Website609-522-9116
Dolphin Inn5201 Atlantic AveVisit Website609-522-0022
El Ray Motel4711 Atlantic AveVisit Website866-ELRAY-51
Enchantra B&B2814 Atlantic AveVisit Website609-523-1101
Esplande Suites Hotel230 E Taylor AveVisit Website800-522-7850
Fountain Motel4616 Atlantic AveVisit Website609-522-2911
French Quarter Apts222 E Rio Grande Ave
Isle of Palms3200 Atlantic AveVisit Website800-946-7256
JR's Hotel220 E Spencer Ave
Key West Hotel310 E Garfield AveVisit Website609-522-2561
Landmark Motel225 E Schellenger AveVisit Website609-522-2442
Lu Fran Motel5106 Ocean AveVisit Website609-522-1446
Mango Motel209 E Spicer AveVisit Website609-522-2067
Marlane Hotel4310 Atlantic AveVisit Website609-522-7463
Nana's Apts318 E Youngs Ave
Nantucket Inn & Suites4100 Ocean AveVisit Website609-522-7423
Newport Beach Resort4900 Ocean AveVisit Website609-522-4911
Newport Hotel217 E Baker Ave
Oakview Hotel315 E Oak AveVisit Website201-456-9351
Ocean Sands Motel3710 Ocean AveVisit Website609-522-6724
Oceanic Hotel4600 Ocean AveVisit Website609-522-6500
Pink Champagne Motel4906 Atlantic AveVisit Website800-205-PINK
Premiere Motel3218 Atlantic AveVisit Website609-729-0772
Quarterdeck Motel320 E Pine AveVisit Website609-522-5415
Quebec Motel3811 Atlantic AveVisit Website800-432-6774
Riviera Resort & Suites3920 Ocean AveVisit Website609-522-5353
Royal Canadian Resort Motel3300 Atlantic AveVisit Website800-95-ROYAL
Rio Resorts Vista Del Mar304 E Rio Grande AveVisit Website609-522-1461
Royal Court Motel4301 Atlantic AveVisit Website609-961-1001
Rus Mar Motel5010 Ocean AveVisit Website609-522-0101
Sea Gull Motel5305 Atlantic AveVisit Website800-822-2670
Sea Kist Motel5210 Ocean AveVisit Website609-522-6281
Sea Ray Motel5006 Ocean Ave
Sea Watch Hotel5100 Atlantic Ave
Seafoam Motel4110 Atlantic AveVisit Website609-522-3765
Seahorse Inn4111 Atlantic Ave
Seashell Motel4900 Atlantic AveVisit Website609-522-2326
Sherry's Family Apts317 E Maple AveVisit Website609-522-5455
Shore Apts221 E Spicer Ave
Skylark Motel3917 Atlantic AveVisit Website800-31-MOTEL
Star Fire Motel5100 Ocean AveVisit Website609-522-6767
Stardust Motel3900 Ocean AveVisit Website609-522-1983
Starlux Hotel305 E Rio Grande AveVisit Website609-522-7412
Summerville Apts328 E Glenwood Ave
Sunflower Motel313 E Glenwood AveVisit Website609-522-8241
Sunny Lane Apts320 E 26th Ave
Sunset Beach Hotel4300 Ocean AveVisit Facebook609-522-3193
Surf Comber Motel4800 Atlantic AveVisit Website877-533-9495
The Mag House 2317 E Magnolia Ave
The Mag House Rentals311 E Magnolia Ave
Tidewinds Motel231 E Davis AveVisit Website609-522-0901
Tropicana Motel305 E Youngs AveVisit Website609-522-8483
Twilight Motel210 E Spicer AveVisit Website609-522-3774
Ultra Mag Hotel2704 Atlantic Ave
Valentino Apts220 E Davis Ave
William Inn229 E Poplar AveVisit Website609-522-1501
Windward Motel5200 Ocean AveVisit Website609-522-5667